League Standings

Updated 21stMay 2017 –

So thats it we were so close but unfortunatley one of the worst capitulations I have ever seen from Lazio who were 1-0 up in our final game of the season with the FBC 8 gamer at stake they managed to lose 1-3 and get two men sent off. Disaster. Would have been so nice to sign the season off on a masive high but sadly not to be.

The year comes to a close with Greg as the Champion 2017 but only on average winning pick value as both he and the wildcard had the exact same strike rate. It couldnt have been closer. Nathan too only finished 1.5 picks below the top two. It went right down to the wire but a very profitable season comes to a close.

Oh, and Justin managed to get from 8/8 in France and retire the ‘Legionnaire’ shirt.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 22.07.06





SR% = overall picks Strike Rate

2PWs = Number of weeks in which both picks were successful

SBWs = Sole blame week (when they were the only player to get a pick wrong and this player cost the team the cash!)

SWW = Sole win week (when this player was the only player to get their picks correct)

Avg Pick value = The average price of the WINNING selections for this player