Essentially we are a group of 4 mates and a random ‘wildcard’ / ‘tipster’ who, for many years, have bet together, lost together but occasionaly won together. We decided to start this site and podcast after a year or so of recording our highs and lows on whatsapp and spreadsheets and thought that this would be a great idea for others to follow and start bet clubs of their own. Each week we choose 1 ‘best bet’ of the week. We then put all 5 of our picks on as an accumulator. We keep track of our individual performances so that we can have a ‘Bet Champion’ and ‘Worst bettor’ award at the end of the season. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Just a group of mates having a lot of fun, enjoying their football and trying to get a bit of extra cash if possible. Feel free to contact us with any ideas, feedback or insider tips about the Portugese second division!

There are also a few rules that we have developed in our time betting together:

The FBC ‘Starting XI’ rules :

1. 1 Pick each, every round – If this is not met then you will be deducted 2% of your overall SR% at the end of the season

2. Picks have to be over 1.6

3. ‘Draw no bet’ picks are not allowed

4. Overall SR% is the stat that decides the overall standings in the FBC league.

5. If scores are tied at the end of the season then ‘Average Winning pick value’ stat decides.

7. No win to nil bets

8. No selections including Derby (don’t ask!)

9. Only Picks from UK (Prem to Ryman) and the top leagues from Spain, Italy, France, Germany will count (no mid table portugese B teams etc)

10. The individual winner at the end of the season is given a free bet of their choice on the champions league final paid for by the loser of the FBC that season.

11.The Nathan drainage rule: Any pick that is voided due to adverse weather = a loss on that persons picks . No excuses. Do the research and pick teams that have a game on (i.e dont pick Braintree)

12. No Friday or Saturday early kick off bets.

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