The FBC – Euro 2016 Preview Show 2 – The Euro Accumulator begins.

So this week we choose our 4 games that make up our accumulator. We are bankiing on Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria to bring home the money and help us roll this onto next weeks bets. If these 4 games win then stay tuned to our website and twitter/facebook feed to get our next tips


The full 4 game accumulator is here:

Sat 11 June:  14:00 gmt

  1. SWITZERLAND to beat albania 1.83   (justin’s tip)

Sun 12th June: 17:00 gmt

2. POLAND to beat N. Ireland 1.72    (greg’s tip)

3. GERMANY to beat ukraine 1.57   (the wildcard’s tip)

Tuesday 14th June:

4. AUSTRIA to beat hungary 1.72 (Nathan’s tip)


All games togther are 8.6/1








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